Looking for a place to rent - south west Creuse?

by LeHobbit » Sat 01 Apr 2017 08:55

We are a couple looking for a house to rent for a few months in Eastern Haute Vienne or south west area of Creuse.

We recently sold our house in Charente and are looking to move to Creuse/Eastern Haute Vienne but are finding it difficult to find our next property as we need a house with decent sized land of more than one hectare.

We need to move out of our temporary accommodation in Charente by the end of May 2017 and have decided it would be best to move over to the area we intend to buy our next property in.

We require an unfurnished house with a garden and possibly a barn/garage for storing larger items.

We don't mind a basic house and would prefer to be in a quiet hamlet/village situation.

We don't want to be more than 50 minutes to an hour from Limoges as we have work just south of the city.

Regards LeHobbit
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