Restaurant and walk at Fresselines (23450)

by Suzanne » Fri 21 Apr 2017 09:11

This Easter we've been 'profiting' from the sunshine and exploring an area of the Creuse that is new to us at Fresselines and we were so impressed by the pretty river walk and good food and warm welcome at the Bar-Restaurant 'Les Artistes du confluent' that we went back yesterday for a second walk and meal.
I wanted to recommend it simply because we enjoyed it so much !

There are 3 circular walks to choose from that start from opposite the restaurant in Fresselines(there's a map board in the little car park next to the church, and I suggest you take a photo of it before you start off to help act as a guide on the way round). The valley of the Petite Creuse is absolutely gorgeous right now with a carpet of bluebells under the river-side trees, and the 2 impressive footbridges have been re-constructed with walking tourists in mind. There are picnic benches, opportunities to paddle if you're prepared to brave the spring water temperatures and birdsong everywhere. The local tourist office has developed the shortest walk by putting up (weather-proof) information displays with examples of Clause Monet's work and quotes from the artist with interesting glass look-through panels (sorry - hard to describe them - best go and have a look for yourself !)

At the restaurant 'Des Artistes' we booked an evening meal last week (05 55 89 00 34) which was an excellent standard, served in the 'salle de banquet' which has a mural right around all the walls of the room, and lunch yesterday (13.50 euros pp) was served in the normal restaurant room, with very generous portions for a 'menu du jour'. According to the leaflet I picked up the new owner is called 'Corinne' and they're open every day for lunch and dinner (but closed Sunday and Monday evenings).
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Re: Restaurant and walk at Fresselines (23450)

by charlie » Fri 21 Apr 2017 16:59

Thanks Suzanne. I remember passing that area while looking for a house 16 years ago. The sight of the Petit Creuse Meeting the Creuse was very impressive. Your description of the walks and the decent restaurant gives us another spot to take our visitors this year. Please give me some idea of the cost of the meal in the evening and was it good value?
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Re: Restaurant and walk at Fresselines (23450)

by virtdave » Fri 21 Apr 2017 17:06

The Impressionists hung out in that area, and it's still nicely artsy. If you're there, you may also want to check out the ruins of the ancient chateau at Crozant.
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Re: Restaurant and walk at Fresselines (23450)

by Creusebear » Sat 22 Apr 2017 10:20

I love Fresselines and Crozant. In the summer ther are artist exhibitions on. In Crozant there is Lebonthierre's (sp?) studio, he does oil landscapes of the area. There is also the restored Hotel Lepinat which is now a museum to the artists who visited the area. In Fresslines in the summer that are several artist exhibiting their works. My favourite is Orlinsky who paints beautifully and vibrantly in acrylics. There is also an arts museum which I have yet to visit. The walk to the Confluence of the two Creuses is lovely too. I haven't yet tried the Auberge but have always heard good things about the food and the welcome!
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